The sale and supply of products through the www.bravomaestro.academy/shop site and its Customer Service are subject to the following General Conditions of Sale.

The General Conditions of Sale are formed in accordance with legislation pertaining to contracts made outside business premises and specifically with the provisions set out under Legislative Decree n. 206 of September 6 2005, (Consumer Code) and any subsequent amendments thereto.


The parties to the contract are:

ABM Solutions Snc, with registered office at Piazza Carlo Alberto n. 43, 12042 Bra (CN), Italy, fiscal code and VAT number 03299020044, the sole owner of the registered trademark ‘bravomaestro’, in the person of its legal representative, herein referred to as ‘the Vendor’;

– The end customer, that is to say any natural person or company that acts for purposes extraneous to their entrepreneurial and professional activity, that for itself or on behalf of third parties, has placed an order which has been accepted by ABM Solutions Snc., herein referred to as ‘the Customer’.


All items are described in good faith and as accurately as possible on the www.bravomaestro.academy/shop website.
Information about the products is verified periodically and, where necessary, updated. It is not, however, possible to ensure a total absence of error, for which, therefore, barring malice or gross negligence, the Vendor shall not be deemed liable.

Images of products may not be fully representative of their features and may differ in colour, size and optional accessories.
All purchase support information is for informational purposes only and does not refer to the real characteristics of single products.

The presentation of products is not binding on the Vendor and does not constitute an offer in the legal sense of the term.

The Vendor reserves the right to correct any inaccuracies or omissions even after a order has been placed, or to amend or update information at any moment without prior notification, in accordance with the Customer’s rights as provided for in these General Conditions of Sale and the Consumer Code.

The prices of all products available on the www.bravomaestro.academy/shop website are shown in euros, net of shipping expenses, which are calculated at the final stage of the purchase on the basis of the destination entered at the registration stage.

The Vendor reserves the right to modify prices at any time and for any reason. Placing an order implies acceptance of the price indicated for the chosen item/s and any additional services charged to the Customer.


The Customer is aware that it is making the purchase in Italy in accordance with existing national tax legislation.

Any charges due in the country of destination of the order are payable by the Customer.
The Vendor is not bound to know about and to inform the Customer of any customs duties or taxes that may be applicable.
The Vendor advises the Customer to contact the appropriate authorities in its country of destination for any further information.

Orders are subject to minimum and maximum quantity limitations and products are offered within the limits of available stock.

Any promotional codes offered by the Vendor are valid only for the products and during the period specifically indicated.
Promotional codes are not refundable and are not cumulative. To take advantage of discounts and/or offers related to promotional codes, the promotional code must be entered in the appropriate space upon validation of an order on the website. In the event of omission, an order cannot be cancelled or renewed in order to take the promotional code into account.

The stages to follow to place an order and conclude the contract of purchase are clearly highlighted in the sequence of pages on the website through explanatory texts and graphics.
It is possible to correct any errors of compilation prior to submitting an order.

The Customer must add the Product/s to the ‘basket’ and, after reading and confirming acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale and Privacy Policy, must enter its delivery and, if necessary, invoicing details, select a method of payment and confirm the order.

By placing the order from the website, an action which is in effect a contract application, the Customer recognizes and declares that it has read all the indications provided during the purchase procedure, and accepts these General Conditions of Sale and payment in their entirety.


Having received an order and collected the relevant payment, the Vendor sends an email confirming receipt and summarising all the details of the order itself.

The contract stipulated between the Vendor and the Customer shall be considered concluded with the Vendor’s email accepting the order.

The Vendor verifies the stocks available for order clearance. In the event of one or more products being out of stock, the Customer Service promptly sends an email to inform the Customer, and the Customer has the right to respond to confirm shipment of any other products that may be in stock or to cancel it, within the subsequent 12 (twelve) hours.

If no reply is received within this time, the order is confirmed for the products in stock, which are duly shipped.
The amount due for the missing products is cancelled according to the chosen method of payment and re-credited to the Customer.

If the Vendor is unable to clear an order, it notifies the Customer promptly.

Any right of the Customer to damages or compensation, and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to people and/or things caused by the non-acceptance of an order or partial clearance thereof is hereby excluded.

The Vendor’s automatic registration systems are considered to be valid proof of the nature, content and date of the order.

The Vendor reserves the right to subject the order to diverse and additional checks, and to suspend or refuse the order if it proves to be incomplete, if the data provided are incorrect, or for any other reason that the Vendor considers valid in the circumstances.

Given the perishable nature of the products offered, consumers do not have the right to cancel the order of purchase.


The www.bravomaestro.academy/shop website is regulated by Italian law and the products are shipped from Italy.

The Vendor accepts the following payment methods:

PayPal, which permits payment by direct account access, or by credit card or pre-paid card.
PayPal accepts the following channels of payment: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Postepay, Aura.
A full country-by-country list may be found on the www.paypal.com website.

In choosing to pay by PayPal, the Customer will be directed to the login page of the PayPal website.
The total amount of the order is charged to the Customer’s PayPal account or selected credit card.

In the event of cancellation, either by the Customer or due to non-acceptance by the Vendor, the full amount will be refunded to the Customer’s PayPal account or selected credit card.

At no time during the purchase procedure will the Vendor have access to the Customer’s financial information.
Given that no information is exchanged, it is not possible for such information to be intercepted by third parties.
No one of the Vendor’s computer archives contain or store any such information.
For every transaction made by PayPal, the Customer will receive an email of notification from PayPal.

For more information about the legal requirements of the PayPal service, see


Further information on PayPal security is available on the PayPal website.

Advance bank transfer: when paying by bank transfer, the order is shipped only when the amount due is effectively credited to the bank account of the Vendor.

The Customer must make a bank transfer for the amount specified in the summary page of the order with the following references:

Abm Solutions Snc – bravomaestro, Piazza Carlo Alberto, 43 – 12042 Bra (CN) – Italy

Cassa Di Risparmio di Bra – Gruppo BIPER – Via Principi di Piemonte, 12 – 12042 Bra (CN) – Italy

BAN: IT45D0609546040000010135587 – BIC: BPMOIT22

Description of payment: the order number received by email should be entered so that the bank transfer can be easily traceable to the order itself.

The Customer must complete the bank transfer by and no later than 72 (seventy-two) hours from the date of the order.
In the event of payment not being made within 72 (seventy-two) hours, the order is cancelled and the products made available for purchase by other customers.

If the Customer fails to make the bank transfer, it may be contacted by Customer Service for clarification as to whether the cause of non-crediting is attributable to the Customer’s desire not to confirm the purchase or to other reasons.


Shipments and deliveries of products can, save for exceptional cases, be made throughout the European Union.

Goods are dispatched only when the amount due has been credited to the Vendor’s Paypal account (in the event of payment by Paypal or credit card) or to the Vendor’s bank account (in the event of payment by bank transfer).

Orders are processed from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Packages are shipped from Italy within a period of 1 (one) to 7 (seven) working days following confirmation of the order.

The Vendor cannot be held liable for any delay in delivery or non-delivery due to circumstances or events outside its control, which may render completion of the contract impossible or more costly, in part or in its entirety, or if the Customer does not fulfil its commitments.

The delivery times specified in the order or the order summary are given in good faith and are approximate.
Delivery times are not per se an essential condition of the contract and the Vendor is not obliged to pay compensation.

The Vendor dispatches products exclusively to the destination address specified in the order. Shipments to PO Boxes are not accepted.

Shipment expenses may vary from country to country and according to weight categories.
The exact amount is calculated and proposed at the purchase stage on receipt of shipment data instructions.

Shipment expenses are payable by the Customer and are clearly detailed at the order placement stage, according to the Customer’s country.

Nothing more is due from the Customer in respect of the total amount of the order.

The Vendor delivers products by reliable courier and/or carriers, depending on the availability of the products and the place of destination of the goods.

Delivery times by reliable courier and/or carriers are approximate and are in no way binding on the Vendor.

They should not exceed 15 (fifteen) days from the Customer’s receipt of the order confirmation.

The Vendor is not, however, liable in the event of delayed clearance or delivery of the order.

Since delivery will be made by courier during working hours, the Customer is advised to enter an address at which someone will be present to receive it. Otherwise, the package will be placed in storage with a consequent delay in delivery and possible extra storage costs.

Delivery will be made to the ground floor only.

The Vendor declines any responsibility for non-delivery due to causes such as non-collection, incorrect or incomplete address, or any other causes beyond its control.

For every order, the Vendor issues an accompanying document with the products dispatched.
For the issuing of the invoice or any other tax document, the information supplied by the Customer on placement of the order shall apply.

Delivery expenses are invoiced on the basis of the rates stated on the website at the date in which an order is placed.


At the moment of delivery of the products, the Customer must check that the packaging is intact and that the parcel tape has not been tampered with in any way.

The Customer agrees to complain immediately as to any damage to the packaging and/or product or the non-correspondence of the number of packages or order details by adding a specific explanation to the delivery document.

The Customer must subsequently report any damage within 2 (days) of receipt of the products according to the methods envisaged by the courier or carrier chosen for the shipment and/or delivery, with a copy to the Supplier’s Customer Service.

In the event of non-collection by the Customer within two (2) working days of the delivery and storage of the products at the courier or carrier’s warehouse, the Vendor will cancel the order of purchase on account of the impossibility of delivering the products to the address specified by the Customer. In this case, the Client is charged with the costs of handling and/or storing the products.

Given that the products are foodstuffs, hence perishable, the Customer will not entitled to any refund of the amount already paid.

By signing the courier or carrier’s delivery document, the Client attests the real exterior intactness of the product and its regular delivery.


If the purchase is made by a company or a professional, it is possible to request the issuance of an invoice by selecting the appropriate box during the ordering procedure and entering the relevant invoicing data, comprehensive of tax code and VAT number.

In this case, the invoice is sent by email to the address indicated.

The Customer is responsible for the correct compilation of invoicing data and is expressly informed that, if no invoice is requested at the order stage, it is impossible to request it at a later stage.

The Vendor uses the information supplied by the Customer at the order stage to issue the invoice. No changes to the invoice are possible after the issuance thereof.
In the order, the Customer must specify whether the shipment address is different from the invoice address.

All invoices are issued in euros.

Documents automatically issued by the website management system are not valid for tax purposes, but are intended only as a summary of the order placed by the Customer.

Only the issued invoice or receipt are valid for tax purposes.


In accordance with art. 59 of decree law no. 21/2014, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts entered into through the www.bravomaestro.academy/shop website insofar as the order refers to:

– products that risk perishing or become inedible rapidly;

– products packaged to measure or clearly personalized.

The Customer is hereby informed and accepts that ‘products that risk perishing or become inedible rapidly’ include all foodstuffs (among which wines, spirits and liqueurs and other beverages) inasmuch as the characteristics and qualities thereof are subject to deterioration, in some cases as a consequence of inappropriate preservation.


Registration with username and password is optional.

If the Customer does not wish to register, it may conclude the purchase in any case: only the necessary delivery data and the issuance of an invoice, if necessary, are required.


The products on offer are in conformity with the law.

The Vendor may not be held liable as long as it has performed its services according to the law.

The Vendor is not liable for any indirect loss, of business, profits, opportunities, production, activity or customers, or of damage to reputation, the cases listed being by way of example.


The Vendor retains full ownership of the products sold until the total amount owed by the Customer has been received.

The transfer of ownership of the products purchased does not fall within the scope of this contract.

Only those customers who purchased the goods originally may claim to adhere to the provisions of these General Conditions of sale.


The provision of personal information for online purchases is mandatory as it is necessary for the processing of orders, shipment and invoicing.

This information is highly confidential. Failure to provide the information required results in the automatic rejection of the order.

The Vendor undertakes not to disclose any information supplied by the Customer to third parties.
Said information is used exclusively for internal management purposes, namely the processing of orders, shipments, invoicing, service, solvency, marketing or personalized advertising, without this list being in any way to be considered exhaustive.

The Vendor may, however, supply the necessary information to organizations under contract with the Vendor itself, for the purposes of its own commercial prospecting, debt collection, and operating and marketing activities.

If it so wishes, the Customer has the right to oppose the processing of its data for personalized marketing simply by sending an email request to Customer Service.

All details on privacy protection are available online in the special section on the website.


All texts, comments, illustrations and images on the www.bravomaestro.academy/shop website are copyrighted. All rights are reserved.

Any reproduction, whether partial or complete, is prohibited without explicit permission from the Vendor. Unless expressly stated, ordering from the site does not involve the transfer or granting of intellectual property rights.


Any complaint must be made to the Vendor using the special contact form directly accessible on the website through the ‘Customer Service’ tab.


By placing an order, the Customer declares its knowledge of the indications supplied during the purchase procedure and acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale in their entirety.

Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale does not require the signature of the Customer.

The validation of the order form by the Vendor constitutes an electronic signature, equivalent to a handwritten signature, confirming that the contract is complete and that the amounts due for the carrying out of the order are payable.

The cancellation or inapplicability of one of the provisions of the General Conditions of Sale has no effect in any way on all the other provisions, which remain valid and applicable.

The Vendor reserves the right to vary the General Terms of Sale by notification on this website page: the General Conditions of Sale applicable are those in force at the moment in which the order is placed.

Any variation shall be effective as of publication on the site.

The fact that the Customer has not received these general conditions in its native tongue does not exempt it from their application.


This contract of sale between the Customer and the Vendor is deemed to have been entered into in Italy and is regulated by Italian Law.
The settlement of any controversies arising from the interpretation, performance or cancellation of these General Conditions of Sale or single purchase orders is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Asti, to the exclusion of all other places of jurisdiction.


In accordance with art. 1341 of the Civil Code, the Customer declares it has read and specifically accepted the following points of these General Conditions of Sale: point 2 (Product Characteristics – and specifically ‘right to correct errors – exclusions of liability’), point 6 (Product Shipment – and specifically ‘Delays in delivery – exclusions of liability’).