In our store you’ll find artisan food made with prime-quality ingredients.

If you don’t like stooping to compromises over what you eat,
or want to be a mindful gastronome, this is the site for you.

About bravomaestro

We want to help spread gastronomic culture by letting true master artisans speak for themselves.

Our aim is to create information about food to enable everyone to choose what they eat mindfully.

We do so with articles, interviews and videos, and meticulously selecting the products you find in this store.

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Product selection

A product’s excellence depends on the skill of its maker and the quality of the ingredients used.

We select our good master artisans carefully, together and solely with their finest products.

Each product that enters our store is accompanied by a special narrative label* to help you understand its real value.

Here are some of the artisans involved in the bravomaestro project: click on the images to get to know them better.

* The ‘narrative label’ is a project that is being developed by Slow Food.
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