Artisan Marco Lusso pastry chef

15 Nov: Marco Lusso

An artisan of incredible talent. In his hands, traditional cakes turn into something amazing, disorienting and extraordinary

Pastry chef Michele Curletti

12 Nov: Michele Curletti

For Michele Curletti, baking and confectionery are a family affair. From his father Mario, he has inherited tradition and technique, supplementing them with imagination and innovation

Pastry chef Marina Curletti

12 Nov: Marina Curletti

Marina Curletti is a passionate young baking and confectionery artisan. It was her father Mario who taught her all the secrets to become a truly outstanding pastry chef

Pastry chef Giorgio Brignone

19 Oct: Giorgio Brignone

Play, tradition and passion – these are the ingredients that made Giorgio Brignone into a pastry chef capable of creating the most exquisite cakes and confectionery

asselle 2

31 Mar: Domenico Asselle

Domenico is a master pastry chef of innate talent with incredible enthusiasm for his job and confectionery in general