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Artisan Pietro Cavallo

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Pietro Cavallo

Pietro is a talented master pastry chef.

In his DNA the different cultures and traditions that are the mainstays of his art come together and combine.

His passion for his job and his curiosity fuel a strong desire to experiment – hence creations that are a modern take on tradition.

Pietro Cavallo was born in Germany in December 1966, but moved at an early age to Alassio, in the province of Savona, Liguria, Italy, where, still a youngster, he began to work as a pastry chef.

During his youth in Liguria, he worked with and learned the ropes of his craft from a series of distinguished masters.

In 2007 he moved north to Piedmont, where, in partnership with Paola Grasso, he opened the Pasticceria Spumiglia in Cuneo.

While Pietro produced the cakes and confectionery, Paola organised work of the shop, designed and staged window displays, developed the logo – and much more besides.

For Pietro, Paola is a constant reference point and Spumiglia is the result of a perfect marriage of their ideas, great passion and hard work.

Curriculum vitae

1982-1998 Apprenticeship

Pasticceria Sanlorenzo
Alassio (Liguria – Italy)

1998-2008 First own business

Pasticceria Briano
Alassio (Liguria – Italy)

From 2008 to today

Pasticceria Spumiglia
Cuneo (Piedmont – Italy)

In my work I’m a classicist, but with an eye on the modern

Pietro Cavallo



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Pietro still has a special indissoluble bond with the sea.

Whenever he has a free moment, he pops back down to Liguria, where his old friends are waiting for him, together with his surfboard and the waves.

Something of a sportsman, he adores skiing, walking in the mountains and cycling.

When he’s at home he likes to meditate, paint pictures and make furniture.