Michele Curletti

Pastry chef

Pastry chef Michele Curletti

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Michele Curletti

Michele Curletti is an experienced pastry chef in Piedmont’s Langa hills, a UNESCO world heritage site.

For him, baking and confectionery are a family affair.

It was in 1961 that Mario Curletti opened his first pastry shop in Neive (Cuneo).

Since then, the Curletti family has come a very long way.

They now have two shops, one in Neive and one in Castagnito (Cuneo), and the name Curletti is synonymous with excellence and quality throughout the area.

What hasn’t changed over the years is attention to ingredients, artisanal skill, and genuine passion for the job.

Curriculum vitae

Michele Curletti, born in 1975, learned the secrets of baking and confectionery from his father, a pastry chef who was conferred with the title of ‘Master of work and experience’ and a Piedmont Regional Authority certificate for ‘Artisanal Excellency’.

Michele spent a lot of time in his father’s pastry shop as a kid and began to work there fulltime when he left school.

As youngster, he was an indefatigable worker, curious and passionate about his job, indispensable qualities for becoming an excellent pastry chef.

After his father died, Michele found himself running the business with his sister Marina and his mother Ritanna, thus staying true to the family name.

His father Mario taught him technique, artisan tradition and the importance of choosing the finest ingredients.
Michele took all this in and supplemented it with study, experimentation and innovation.

The results weren’t slow in coming and soon Michele too was conferred with a Piedmont Regional Authority certificate for ‘Artisanal Excellency.’

Even more important than that, he now receives the compliments of satisfied customers and fellow pastry chefs every day.

We work to highlight the balance between ingredients and create a memory of taste in people who eat our cakes

Michele and Marina Curletti



PGI Langhe hazelnut crumbly nougat, soft amaretti, soft amaretti with hazelnuts, gianduiotti chocolates

Michele works tirelessly from 12 to 18 hours a day, but he says that when you have passion for what you’re doing, time doesn’t count.

What does count is satisfying the demands of customers and treating them as well as he can.

In his well-earned periods of rest, Michele loves to devote himself to the things dearest to him: his family, good food, fine wine and travel, preferably at the wheel of a sports car.