Marina Curletti

Pastry chef

Pastry chef Marina Curletti

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Marina Curletti

Marina Curletti, born in 1983, is a young pastry chef in Neive, a pretty little village in Piedmont’s Langa hills.

Don’t be deceived by her age.

Born into a family of pastry chefs, with her passion and the secrets she picked up from her father Mario, Marina is now a first-class professional.

It was in 1961 that Mario Curletti opened his first pastry shop in Neive and Marina began frequenting his bakery workshop from a very early age.

Today Mario is no longer with us, but his daughter Marina and his son Michele have accepted his inheritance and are now running two shops – one in Neive itself, the other in Castagnito (Cuneo) – with great success.

Curriculum vitae

Marina Curletti is a young pastry chef with several years of experience already under her belt.

She began her career by helping her father Mario, he too a pastry chef, conferred with the title of ‘Master of work and experience’ and a Piedmont Regional Authority certificate for ‘Artisanal Excellency’.

Marina began to breath in the fragrances of her father’s pastry shop as a small child, moving at her leisure among pastry bags, spatulas and cake tins, eventually joining to work there fulltime when she left school.

When Mario Curletti died, his children Marina and Michele took over the business.

Marina treasures the lessons she learned from her father, working with passion, studying, experimenting, innovating and holding high the family name, a synonym locally of quality confectionery and baking.

She too has been conferred with a Piedmont Regional Authority certificate for ‘Artisanal Excellency’.

Mario Curletti couldn’t have left us a finer legacy.

Marina, a keen pastry chef who is carrying on the tradition, never forgetting the value of the artisanship so dear to her father Mario, but always open to novelties and the demands of modern gourmets.

We work to highlight the balance between ingredients and create a memory of taste in people who eat our cakes

Marina and Michele Curletti



Crumbly PGI Piedmontese hazelnut nougat - Torrone, soft amaretti, soft amaretti with hazelnuts, gianduiotti chocolates

When she’s not busy baking exceptional Piedmontese cakes and sweets, Marina Curletti likes nothing better than to devote herself to her children and her family.

In the tradition of the Langa hills, the best way to spend time with friends and relatives is at the table, chatting amiably between courses of the delicious local food and sipping the great wines of the area.