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Marco Lusso

Marco is a young artisan with big ideas and an incredible talent for bakery and confectionery.

Only 37, he holds bakery and confectionery courses for experts in the sector and colleagues, and his award-winning, strictly naturally-leavened Viennoiseries (croissants, brioches, pain au chocolat).

He and his staff produce classic Piedmontese cakes and confectionery every day but, while staying true to tradition, also experiment continuously to satisfy the demands of the modern customer.

This is why even a typical cake can be designed and made by Marco to assume unique forms, colours and flavours.

Marco Lusso’s amazing cakes and confectionery inspire a sense of marvel and incredulity, of disorientation for the unexpected.

It’s the same state of mind children must feel as they gradually discover the word, fascinated when they see things for the first time.

Yes, Marco is a master at making us feel like children again.

Curriculum vitae

Marco Lusso was born in Moncalieri, near Turin, on May 14 1981.

He has always had baking and confectionery in his blood. He thus became a pastry chef out of passion and soon showed the stuff he’s made of.


He graduated from the Istituto d’Arte Bianca “J.B. Beccari” for pastry chefs in Turin in 1998.

During his school years, he began working at the Leggio pastry shop in Turin.

Job experience

After completing his studies, he served an apprenticeship at the Pasticceria Rivetti pastry shop in Moncalieri.

He then worked at the historic Pasticceria Falchero pastry shop in Turin, where he learned the techniques of Piedmontese petite patisserie.

He then moved from Turin to the Val d’Aosta, where he became head of the workshop at the Pasticceria Dolce Voglia pastry shop.
He stayed there for four years, perfecting his techniques with yeast bakery and developing the complex art of personnel management.

A shop of his own

Back in Piedmont, he worked as a consultant for a famous confectionery company and collaborated with a number of local pastry shops.

In 2013 he decided to set up on his own and took over the Pasticceria Luciano pastry shop in Barge (Cuneo), established in 1936 and famous for its Bargesini al rum, a creation of the original owner, a certain Signor Renaudo.

With his clear ideas and strong personality, Marco restored the historic shop to its former splendour.

The Pasticceria Luciano has thus become a haunt for connoisseurs once more, a place where Piedmontese and French baking and confectionery live side by side in perfect harmony.

Specialities of the house are the famous Bargesini, tea pastries, Piedmontese petite patisserie, macaroons, eclairs, assorted cakes, naturally leavened cakes such as panettone and colomba, Viennoiseries and Focaccia del Monviso.

Here traditional recipes are interpreted with consummate skill and unique cakes come to life with new nuances that are truly hard to describe.


In addition to his everyday production work at the shop, Marco Lusso also takes part periodically in national competitions.

In 2016 he competed in the ‘Chococake Award’ organized by Belcolade-Puratos and was one of Italy’s 20 semi-finalists.

In 2017 he took part in the national competition organized by, in which his was judged to be one of the 30 best artisan panettoni in Italy.

In 2018 he took part in the competition again and is currently waiting for the results.


Marco teaches at I.F.S.E. (Italian Food Style Education), the only cookery and baking and confectionery school recognised as an Italian excellence by the General Secretariat of the Italian Republic.

And we’re pretty sure he won’t be stopping here!

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For the quality of its products, the Pasticceria Luciano pastry shop in Barge (Cuneo) has been included in Il Golosario, a food and wine guide edited by the famous Italian journalist Paolo Massobrio.

Numerous local newspapers and magazines have written articles praising Marco Lusso’s cakes and confectionery.

When you pop into see him in his workshop, he’s always on the go, physically and mentally.

But despite the work he has to do and the commitments he has to keep, he always finds time for you. He offers you a polite welcome, he listens, he explains, he tells stories and, aware of the importance of teamwork, never misses an opportunity to praise his staff.

If it’s true that ‘there can be no greatness without humility,’* meeting Marco you realise immediately that he’s bound for great things.

When he’s not busy creating cakes, he loves travelling, playing sport and enjoying moments of relaxation with friends, his wife Tiziana and his dog, whose name is – what else? – is Babà.

*Auro D’Alba