Giorgio Brignone

Pastry Chef

Pastry chef Giorgio Brignone

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Giorgio Brignone

Giorgio Brignone learned his trade playing games.

As a child, in fact, he used to let his imagination run wild in the pastry shop of his parents, Celestino and Giuseppina.

Between whisks and pastry bags, custard and meringues, he used to spend the day watching, listening to and imitating his confectioner father.

He consolidated his passion in the course of time to become the outstanding master confectioner we have the pleasure of knowing today.

His production is inevitably bound up in the tradition of Cuneo and its local area and he makes his confectionery with the same recipes and prime-quality ingredients he became acquainted with as a child.

Watching him at work, enthralled by his technique and distracted by his tongue-in-cheek humour, one realises that, actually, Giorgio Brignone has never stopped playing.

Curriculum vitae

Giorgio Brignone took over the business from his father Celestino in 1989 but he had been living since he was a child in the family pastry shop in Dronero (Cuneo), established in 1964.

The childhood games he played, surrounded by whisks and pastry bags, custard and meringues, left their mark.

After passing his final scientific high school exams, his passion for baking drove him to return on a permanent basis to the pastry workshop where he is now production manager.

Over the years, the Brignone pastry shop has been honoured with recognition of its ‘Artisan Excellence’ and is rightly regarded as one of the finest in Piedmont.

Since 2015, Giorgio has been helped by his second son Umberto.

Umberto Brignone, a graduate in management and communication, represents his family’s third generation of confectioners and is driven by the same passion that has characterised them for more than 50 years.

A passion born for fun

Giorgio Brignone



rum-flavoured Droneresi, gianduja-flavoured Droneresi

Giorgio and Umberto Brignone produce a praline with an exceptional flavour: the dronerese™.

It consists of two crumbly meringues filled with chocolate cream, confectioner’s custard and rum or gianduja cream made with PGI Piedmontese hazelnuts.