Gianfranco Tibaldi

Pastry Chef

Gianfranco Tibaldi alias ‘Tibo’: artisan pastry chef

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Gianfranco Tibaldi

Gianfranco Tibaldi, alias ‘Tibo’, is a keen professional and an eclectic pastry chef.

He displays all the characteristics of a true artisan.

Painstaking selection of ingredients, exceptional dexterity, ethics and artistic flair – these are the qualities that have made him stand out in the area of Piedmont where he works.

Though attached to the Langhe hills and their traditions, he is totally receptive to other cultures, experimentation and new techniques.

Curriculum vitae

Gianfranco Tibaldi was born in Alba on February 2 1960.

As a young man, he began working as a baker in a local workshop.

Over the years, he did jobs in various other sectors, including a long spell in large-scale retail.

In 2014 his undying passion for baking and confectionery got the upper hand.

It was thus that he decided to establish a pastry workshop near Alba, ‘Tibo, laboratorio di pasticceria’.

He has been passionately turning out cakes and confectionery ever since.

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La Tonda (PGI Langhe hazelnut tart), Meira (corn biscuits), Basin (Baci di dama, ‘Lady’s kisses’ shortcrust sandwich biscuits), Dubi (shortcrust sandwich biscuits filled with plum jam), Mei Tibis (digestive biscuits), Ghersin safran (saffron-flavoured breadsticks)

When he’s not in his workshop, you’ll find him at the ‘Earth Market’ in Alba (Piedmont, Italy), getting involved in ethical purchasing group projects or attending confectionery courses.

He collaborates actively with students and graduates from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo near Bra (Piedmont, Italy).

He has always been a lover of jazz and the martial arts.

If you pop in to see him, if he isn’t out walking in the Alta Langa hills, he’ll be sure to offer you a cup of tea and a friendly chat.