Domenico Asselle

Pastry chef

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Domenico Asselle

Domenico was a master pastry chef of innate talent with incredible enthusiasm for his job and confectionery in general.

He began as a child and has never stopped experimenting, innovating and spreading his know-how.

He has taught at the School of Baking and Confectionery in Turin and at the Escola de Pastisseria del Gremi in Barcelona, where he introduced an innovative technique for making marrons glacés.

In Barcelona he found himself face to face with some of the finest pastry chefs in the world, who recognised his nougat as ‘El mejor turrón del mundo’.

In recent years he has been totally absorbed by research and teaching.

He always claimed that ‘you aren’t born a master, you become one’ with dedication, passion, hard work and, why not, learning from one’s mistakes.

This is why his pupils describe him as ‘A master and an artist but, above all, a mentor’.

His mission was to spread knowledge of his techniques and to convey to anyone tasting a piece of true confectionery all the work and art that lie behind it.

Domenico Asselle (1930-2018), 77 years of passion for confectionery and teaching!

Curriculum vitae

1941 First job

Pasticceria Adriano Converso
Bra (Piedmont – Italy)

1942 Summer season

Pasticceria Ottavio Converso
Torre Pellice (Piedmont – Italy)

1947  Head pastry chef

Pasticceria Teresio Piumatti
Bra (Piedmont – Italy)

1951 Pastry chef

Pasticceria Celoria
Turin (Piedmont – Italy)

1959 First confectionery workshop

Pasticceria Domenico Asselle
Bra (Piedmont – Italy)

1990 Professor

School of Baking and Confectionery, Turin
Neive department (Piedmont – Langhe hills – Italy)

1995 Associate professor

Escola de pastisseria del Gremi (EPGB)
Barcelona (Spain)

Before asking young people to give, let’s learn to give to young people ... you aren’t born a master, you become one.

Domenico Asselle



Crumbly nougat with Langhe hazelnuts, marrons glacés, Bra mint and gentian sweets, bignole (choux pastry cream buns), salòt (Bra Epiphany cake)

Domenico conducted confectionery courses and made an active contribution to the popularization of craft skills.

He is the subject and co-author with Alfredo Mango of Il pasticciere e la bicicletta (The Pastry Chef and the Bicycle), in which tells the incredible story of his twin passions of confectionery and cycling.

Over the years his name has appeared in the most authoritative f&w publications in Italy.

He is mentioned, for example, in a 2008 issue of the Gambero Rosso magazine in an article by Mara Nocilla entitled ‘Torrone: dove trovare i migliori’ (Nougat: where to find the best).